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Did this one awhile ago but could not get past a rough outline for a captioned story. Posting with the outline because why not. Enjoy!

Photo 1:

-          Woman’s rich family desires the magical stones

-          Woman boasts about her education, combat training, and seduction. Not that she’d stoop to seducing the lowly professor

-          Stone activates within professors hands

-          Gun threat to finish loading stones into satchel

-          Professors wishes for her gun to be a squirt gun

Photo 2:

-          Woman confused about the squirt gun

-          Threat of physical violence on professor

-          Professors wisher for her to be lustful

-          Horny and slightly distracted while playing with the squirt gun

-          She threatens that once she regains composure she’ll hurt the professor

-          Professor wishes for removal of combat/fitness training

Photo 3:

-          Body thickens from loss of training

-          She takes cloths off to seduce professor with a blowjob to get the stones

-          Professor isn’t impressed and comments about how she’s not thick enough

-          She gets angry and says she wouldn’t suck him anyways

-          Professor gets angry and says he’ll make her want him

-          Professor wishes removal of education and fitness

Photo 4:

-          Slightly remembers she used to be thin but is now fat

-          Ditzy

-          Professor comment about how far she’s fallen

-          Willing to suck for stones but still not fuck someone not of the same stature

-          Professors wishes for Removal of her status, family fortune, and her to be his personal fat dumb ghetto bitch

-          Woman starts begging professor for pleasure

-          Gem starts to break

-          Too late realization that changes prevent her from causing him to unlock the stone in the first place

-          Gem shatters

Photo 5:

-          With the gem destroyed both are now fucking like sweaty slobs in a crappy house

-          She comments about how she should be rich, smart, & skinny

-          He laughs about how maybe he was some smart teacher researching shit

-          He comments how she’s just a dumb slut who’s ass seems to get fatter every week

-          She moans, agrees, and demands it harder