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Re posting Weight Gain / Pig TF Morph Sequence (Story Unfinished) since the old link isn't working.

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Kat Dennings invests everything and promotes a new chemically enhanced tea named Lipo that allows the user to lose weight without effort. At first it's a booming success and sales soar even higher after she flaunts her success on a late night show discussing how she can just pig out on food all day. In the coming months though Kat finds herself having to drink more and more to try and maintain her figure. Soon she could no longer prevent the weight from piling back on. At a press meeting for the product Kat publicly discloses that the effect from the tea isn't permanent and the weight is regained several times over. The news hurts the company stock and the lawsuits destroy it. Months later Kat receives a message on her phone offering her a staring role in a new series 2 Fat Girls.  

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Sophie Dalzell pushes her luck too far and gets more attention than she bargained for. Behind the scenes a secret panel of judges decide to make an example of her. A shower photoshoot using chemically enhanced body wash is arranged. By the end of the shoot the model finds her modeling career along with her figure has drastically changed. 

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Slim and stacked beauty finds that the sponge isn't the only super absorbent thing around. Revenge by a jealous neighbor or her boyfriends hidden fantasy come true?

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Vixen Lamoore wins a fat payout on the slot machines.

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And thanks for all the fish

I've lost my motivation for morphing and captioning and just don't have the same time do it anymore now as well. I may return in the future. Here are all the morphs I haven't posted yet. Enjoy and thanks for all the great comments!

If you would like the psd files to caption any of my morphs let me know and I can send whichever ones you want.

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Her slim belly is going going gone!

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Thanks for the suggestions on the previous post. I'll be finishing that caption soon.