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Goddess Falls Part 4 - End

With what little money she had left the ex-goddess set to work advertising her services on the most popular sites to get some cash to quickly get into an intense gym exercise plan. She was elated when she saw that she was getting a tremendous amount of requests assuming everything was going her way now. However all the requests involved food. Every request had demands that dealt with themes like eating an entire cake in her lingerie while the payer watched. With little options she delved into the mountain of requests. The first request involved taunting another women for being fatter as she stuffed her own face with donuts. She attempted to eat as little as possible at first but after getting negative feedback for this and other requests due to her reluctant demeanor she was forced to abandon her reservations. Giving into the indulgences wasn't hard though and wasn't long till she was accepting requests that involved the most food.

After many requests and an ever increasing waist line she encountered the woman she was told to taunt by her first customer. However in this new scenario the woman was now taunting her for the new weight  she had piled on. Calling her a fat piggy and making comparisons to how she used to not have such a massive fat gut. The ex goddess was not pleased with this new turn of event of having her belittled by someone she saw herself superior to still. Though several boxes of donuts soon placated her and she continued to be a gluttonous pig as she was being mocked for her growing size. The ex goddess continued to fulfill request after request of stuffing herself for clients until one day she receive a request that firstly promised to only be an artistic photo shoot , offered her a sizable amount of cash, and included a trip to the city closest to where her temple was. She immediately accepted the request and followed the instructions for travel to the location. When she arrived onsite she acted as she had already regained her goddess status. She ordered every assistant that was provided demanding everything possible as she prepared for her photo shoot. As she disrobed for the first shots she noticed the photographer had quite a slim but voluptuous figure. The photographer appeared to always have the camera blocking her face so she could just see her purple hair. She mused to herself about how much better her regained goddess body would be in comparison. Throughout the standard and boring photo shoot the ex-goddess couldn't help but notice the photographer giggling with almost every shot. That was until she revealed her grinning face and then  recognized her as the underling that betrayed her. The ex-goddess started yelling obscenities at the former underling. Finally the ex-goddess declared the shoot done and that the underling had made a mistake. She soon would visit her temple and regain everything. Still grinning the former underling starts laughing and tells the ex-goddess that she hasn't kept track of her time very well since at the beginning of the shoot her time had run out. Stunned the ex-goddess came to realization that if her time had run out then her underling was now completely the new goddess and she was but a mortal play thing which meant the new goddess could do anything to her.

Smirking the new goddess told her she always heard the camera adds 10 lbs. The former goddess shrieks and feels her immense lard stuffed body jiggling and heaving from just moving her arms as she grabs her giant fat belly. As the new goddess leaves she tells her former boss that she seems to naturally take to being a fat gluttonous piggy and if she doesn't keep her mouth shut she might just get a visit from Circe to experience being a true fat porker.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Goddess Falls Part 3

The ex-goddess starts to diet and exercise regularly getting closer and closer to the requested weight. She has been exercising by the pier so she can look out to the ocean to keep focuses on her destination that she must reach in a shortening time span. Each day she exercises she notices a man that tends to watch her as she passes. Each day he seems to eye her with more lust then the last. Each day he asks her to come party on his boat for she is a woman that should indulge herself. To keep her focus the ex-goddess declines the offer.Until one day.

One day she is talking to the man and decides that since she's hit her goal weight and will be employed again tomorrow that she does deserve to reward herself. She's done so well how could a little celebration hurt? As she gets on the boat she is surprised at the amount of deserts and almost endless supply of alcohol flowing. She drinks and consumes plate after plate of cakes, donuts, pudding, and various other tasty delights throughout the night. Each drink and desert tastes better than the last. The man tells her such a beautiful mermaid can stay and enjoy as much as she wants. Completely smashed and with an overstuffed belly the ex-goddess falls asleep on a couch. As soon as she awakes the next day more drinks and deserts are shoved in front of her. The want to ravenously consume these delicious items overtake her will power to leave for work. She gives herself up to this gluttonous routine. Her figure begins to plumping up. Soon all her exercising has been undone. As she stuffs her face like a greedy pig her belly gets fatter as it pushes further and further out each day. In response as she drinks her tits become absolutely massive but due to the natural weight they sag and sit upon her growing belly jiggling with fat as she consumes more. The rest of her body porks up becoming softer along with her growing belly and breasts. Until one day she wakes up, sits on a chair , that barely fits her massive chunky ass, with her morning beer and finds the man gently whisk the beer from her hand as she is requesting her morning deserts. Surprised the ex-goddess pushes out her flabby tits barely supported by the strained bikini top and asks if he no longer wants his mermaid on the boat. He responds that he always loves mermaids on his boat but has no room for sea cows.

Shocked at the statement and in a stupor as she is forced to leave before the boat departs she doesn't really process the changes she's ignored with her body. That is until the the ex-goddess cradles her fat belly in her hands and as the boat moves away the man shouts that since she is now on land she looks more like a fat hog. She decides she's willing to do anything since she needs money to get to the temple to return her powers and is short on time. She may be fat but she can still work with that right? She at least isn't completely obese. She can get some desperate men and enough should still have a fetish for her size to make it lucrative enough. She had to work fast. She'd get money, workout again and get back on track. She couldn't offered any setbacks. She waddled away her fat ass swayed and jiggle with each determined step.